Who is Kerry?

With Kerry, you will benefit from her vast experience leading managers to motivate their teams, increasing productivity and processes. She has run high growth businesses and led transformations of non-performing teams to sustained profitable growth by building repeatable processes and high performing teams.

Kerry brings over 30 years of varied work experience including management, customer service, team building, sales and marketing. As an MA qualified educator with years of experience in adult coaching, business training and development, she uses a variety of methods and platforms to achieve goals and looks forward to sharing her experience and passion for life long learning with her clients.

So what??

Throughout Kerry’s experience, she is yet to come across a single business leader or owner who does not struggle with Time, Team or Money issues in their personal or business life. She now works with business leaders and owners in these areas, using proven methodology which has worked for tens of thousands of businesses across the world:

✓ Creating clarity on what the business looks like in near and long-term
✓ Developing systems, processes and ways for the owner to work fewer hours
✓ Building a stronger and more reliable team to run the business.
✓ Driving profitability with 283 proven strategies,
✓ …and celebrating success together!!

Kerry’s guarantee to you:

At ActionCOACH, we believe a ‘real business’ is a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you, the owner! So you can live your life on your own terms. We see the majority of business owners burning themselves out by working IN the business instead of ON the business. There is clearly no overnight success formula here but our experience proves when a business owner partners with our system and team, their sustained efforts in the right direction produce massive results for real businesses and real people… in fact, we’re the only business growth company we know who will guarantee a ‘Return On Investment’  for our clients inside 6 months (T&C’s apply)

Coaching with Kerry

As a business owner, the chances are you went into that business because you were good at delivering that product or service.

What Kerry finds in her coaching sessions with local business owners is that it doesn’t necessarily mean you are as good at getting the best out of your team or know the hundreds of strategies that can increase the profits in your business. It doesn’t mean you have access to the systems that allow your business to work without you. It doesn’t mean you know how to increase the asset value of your business.

There is no short cut to success. To learn all of the strategies of business growth takes decades of study. Kerry has access to the best business growth system in the world through ActionCOACH and can short cut your business education process to 3-5 years and in many cases ActionCOACH clients have seen great results within a matter of months. With Kerry, you will maximise the profits and value of your business. We know our methodology works, but it does require participation from you as well.

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